Mindfulness is an active state of mind and it is a personal state of mind, there is no one-size-fits-all definition, no single way of practicing. There are no exams to pass, there are no proficiency levels and nothing to buy. It is a way to enhance health and improve performance. It is a tool for self-exploration. Others see it as part of a spiritual journey, a way to develop insight into the human condition and freedom from suffering.

As we move through each day, we spend much of it on auto pilot, when we arrive somewhere or finish a task, we often wonder how we got there or how we managed to complete the task. Auto pilot thinking often includes thinking or “dreaming” about doing or being somewhere else and not where we are or what we are doing. It includes making judgment[s] on what we perceive to be important as compared to our current state or obligations and this is a powerful fuel for our unhappiness about where and what we are. 

Slowing our mind and learning to be in the moment, using our senses to understand the second by second experiences of our lives, discarding thoughts not connected with the moment we exist in is a technique the Shaman has used for hundreds of millennia. In their quest to connect with and learn from spirits in different realms and from spirits in all living things, has allowed the shaman to be the most mindful of people.

This book is an overview of Mindfulness, and its connection us and Shamanism.

This book is part of The Practical Shaman series, a broad introduction into shamans and shamanism. This book concentrates on reincarnation and the beliefs and rituals that surround the soul.