The Shaman Podcast: Episode 1

Speaker –        Mark A. Ashford

                        Usui Tibetan Reiki Master and Teacher

What this is – This is the inaugural episode of “The Shaman Podcast”

When will this show appear – Monthly

What will we talk about? – 

  1. Shamanism
  2. Reiki – Reiki energy healing, especially the lineage I follow originated in Tibet, in Shamanistic practices that were recorded in Tibetan Buddhist Texts and practices that from the 8th century onward.

Media – 

  1. This Podcast is one of several media available to you to help you understand and develop your awareness of energy healing and practices, history, tradition and a little anthropology. 

The others are:

  1. YouTube videos – “Reiki with Candice, Mark, and Opame” – Candice and Opame are two of my guides.
  2. Books – eBooks and Paperback books – in full colour available on Search for Mark A. Ashford
  3. The blog at

 Let’s Look at what was posted today:

  1. Clearing your Space

Your space can be anywhere you spend time and over which you have control.

  1. Your home
  2. Your Car
  3. Your Office

Why do we have to clear our space?

The short answer is “Energy Attachment”

Our physical body is a container for our soul our spirit which moves form life to life gathering knowledge and understanding and also merit, merit being the final sum of our good and bad deeds done through this existence.

Not all souls and spirits pass over into the next life completely or sometimes not at all. They remain as non-caporal entities on this plain. They attach themselves to sources of energy, that is you and me, and especially those of us with the clear and bright energy aura.

We may encounter them on a train, the subway, on a bus, walking the streets, in a restaurant, at the mall, anywhere. They come home with us and stay in our homes where it is nice and warm and comfortable and where we provide them with energy.

To detach and clear these souls and spirits out of our life, and our home, we need to clear out space.

The traditional way is to:

  1. Ask Archangel Michael for protection as we are clearing our space. This is important because some of the souls and spirits may be “dark and lower energies.” If there are pets and other people in the space, these need protection from the Archangel as well.
  2. Light a smudge wand let it start burning and the blow out the flames so it glows, smolder’s, and gives off sage smoke.
  3. In each room of the house, starting from the highest point in the home use the smudge wand to draw the following symbol:
    1. Open a window for spirits and souls to leave your space.
    1. Draw a square. 
    1. Start at the lower left corner, draw across to the bottom right corner, draw up to the top right corner, across to the upper left corner. Then back down to the bottom left.
    1. Draw an “X” starting from the top left corner, draw down towards the bottom right, and then from the top right corner, down to the bottom left.
    1. While you are drawing this symbol announce your intention:

“All beings of light and love only.”

“Lower energies do not belong here. You! Must leave.”

  1. You will need to do this in each corner of the room as well as blowing smoke under the bed, in closets, in cupboards, in all hallways, basements, bathrooms, drawers.
    1. Your space need to ne saturated with sage smoke and your intention.

Then leave and take a walk for about 45 minutes.

Of course, places that are shared such as a bus or train, your office space etc. cannot be smudged. But…

I work with my guides to clear a shared space or maybe just the space around me.

When I get home – from anywhere – the gas station, the mall, the grocery store, the corner store, a neighbour’s house… anywhere. I ask Archangel Michael to cut and destroy any energy cords, etheric cords, or attachments from my soul, spirit, aura, physical self, or my chakras. I include pets in my request for his intervention. They can attract energy attachments as well and need our loving care in this context as well.


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Bye for now.

I look forward to seeing you in the next Episode.

Clear Your Space

Why would you clear your space? What is your space? What benefit is doing it?

Energetically, as we move through life, we collect emotional and spiritual baggage and toxins. These can be from people, places, and events.

We bring them home, but we can also bring them within ourselves. They affect our emotions, our thoughts, our intellect. They drag down the energy of our chakras and they can stir or ego.

Many years ago, before I engaged with my Angels and guides to fulfill part of my life purpose which was to become a Reiki Master and Teacher, I would occasionally find myself working with toxic people or in a toxic environment. As I sat in traffic driving home and odd moments when I was supposed to be relaxing watching TV I would mentally go over again and again events that had happened at work. 

I would worry about what the next day would bring.

As a Reiki Master I am able to engage with my angels and guides to recognise these people and situations and negate the affect they have on me, even while they are happening.

I sit quietly, and ask Archangel Michael to sever any energy cords attached to my soul, spirit, aura, physical self or Chakras. I want him to cut the cords and destroy them. I then ask him to fill me up with pure white light and protect me with his energy.

I will do this at the beginning and end of the day, or after being somewhere or with someone I consider toxic. You can speak the short mantra or think it. Some people will “wipe their hands over their face, head and upper body as if they were brushing away cords or spider threads. I have said the mantra in a crowded elevator on my way to lunch after meeting with a particularly toxic individual.

I prefer to think of the cords I am cutting as if they were tentacles with suction cups that attach to things and hold on tightly. I see Michael removing the suction cups and cutting the tentacles which shrivel up and disappear.

You can bring these energy cords, even souls and spirits home with you. You may not see them, or, be aware of them, but they enter your home and stay with you. Freely absorbing your energy. In Tibet and other places where the belief in sprits and souls that have not moved on to their next life is more prevalent, houses will be regularly cleared and doors and windows energetically sealed to prevent these often dark and lower energies from entering. 

If you have heard of smudging a house with White Sage, this is one of the traditional methods of banishing these entities. 

Another approach is to engage with your angles and guides and ask them to help you banish these spirits and energies. 

Ask Archangel Michael to protect you and anyone else in the home, especially animals. As you accomplish the clearing.

Hands in Gassho, I move from room to room, asking them to banish or evict souls and spirits that should not be present. I call out spaces where a spirit or soul may hide or avoid my actions. Such as, under the bed, behind the could, in the draws, behind the door. Anywhere a soul or sprit can hide, I call out for them to be gone!

I include connecting rooms, hallways, etc.

I also ask my angels and guides to seal windows and doors so that spirits and souls cannot re-enter the home. This is all exhaustive, take your time and be patient. Give yourself and your angels and guides time to do their work.

Traditionally, when smudging a space, you leave a window ajar, not necessarily wide open, but a way for the souls and spirits to leave. Do the same when you and your angels and guides are clearing your space.

The Practical Shaman

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