Shaman Energy Card Reading for week of 2021/10/04

Birds – Freedom

Look up in the sky and see birds flying back and forth, some scouring the gourd for prey, some moving from the northern climates as they get colder for winter. As they fly, they give bird song to her birds and to us.

To watch the birds flying you need to have sharp eyes and hearing to experience them at their most free and energetic. As they fly, feathers will fall from their wings and their bodies. Those feathers are a message to open windows and let in fresh air and fresh ideas.

The pandemic has been hard on all of us, we have been inside for a long time, for almost two years our movements have been restricted because of the fear of contracting the contagion.

With the windows open and fresh air and fresh ideas coming in to your soul, now is the time to start working on them and manifesting team. This is a time of opportunity and change, advancement and also of taking new directions.

Above all, if you are seeking to change your work, now is the time for your new ideas to be heard. Speak up! Break the chains that have held you back. Chains maybe not just the work you do but also how you work. Opportunities are all around you, but the past 2 years may have made you insensitive and careless when considering change. 

You have the freedom to make changes and enjoy the results of it. 

Conch Shell – Calling

This is a wakeup call! 

Conch Shells are used in many parts of the world by Shamans as trumpets. Trumpets are messengers. Sometimes they are used to announce natural disasters or changes in the environment. The Conch shell comes to you now to remove from your world all that is old and no longer serves. In tarot terms, this is a Tower Moment announced by the Conch.

Like a breath of fresh air that sweeps away cobwebs in your mind, Conch Shells clear away objections and resistance from your egoic, logical mind. 

Behind the noise of the Conch shell is the silence of manifestation. Now is the time to make the effort to find your intuition and the sensitivity it brings to your environment and the way you live.

Now is the time to change, work a new job, take a course, end a relationship that no longer serves you, or has no meaning.

Wake up and act!

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