Shaman Energy Card Reading for week of 2021/08/16

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I am Mark Ashford. 

I am a Registered Usui Tibetan Reiki Master Teacher, a Shaman and author of books and online courses on Reiki and Shamanism.

Weekly I post a video on YouTube and a podcast for the Shamanic Energy of the coming week. The reading is general; please take what resonates with you.

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The Mystical Shaman

The Shaman was many things to their community. Healer, story teller, leader, keeper of traditions and the person to whom the community could look to for support when times were bad and to celebrate when they were good.

He, or she, were intermediaries between the community and the spirit world which was all around them and in everything they could touch, smell, hear, and see. 

When the Shaman journeyed into altered states of consciousness to perform a divination or a healing, they were able to dream a dream that no other could. The Shaman reminds us to be in the world, in the NOW and to travel through it and yet not be defined by what we see and experience. This is the symbol of true alchemy, for all elements of life have a spiritual aspect and a material one. When we remember this, all manner of miracles and manifestations are possible.

Be careful what you pray for. 

The Mystical Shaman cautions you against relentless attachment to a certain form that you think will make you happy, prosperous, famous, loved, etc. These material forms are attractive, like stars in the night sky, they attract us like a lure attracts a fish. Do not be the fish caught on the fishermen hook and taken to shore and killed.

Is it time to imagine a new story, one that is deeper and less superficial, one that is in line with what you have become? Better tales are waiting to be told.

The Sorcerer

The Sorcerer symbolizes beliefs and ideas of division, struggle and being without. We feel the sorcerer casts a dark shadow over our lives, but in reality, the shadows are our own. Those shadows are feelings of separation from loved one, colleagues, pets. Feelings of conflict and aggression to others in order to achieve our self-centred goals.

Our shadows may be narrow, broad, or generous in their focus. Either way, our busy mind loves to feed off the shadow energy and its negative feelings. The sorcerer is asking you to look at these energies, examine how destructive they are. What are you feeling? Resentment, vengeance, lust, greed, bigotry, or hatred about or to whom or what. These feelings are unjustified and not your spiritual core, which is pushed away without consideration.

The Sorcerer challenges you, confronts your dark thinking and beliefs. Now! Is a second chance! Start over. Be strong and be vigilant about the darkness you are being asked to recognise, and then to discard. 

Others are not to blame for what is inside of you, what you allow to be there. Take a moment to create a sense of peace and move in another direction, and do not allow those negative thoughts and feelings to grow again. You are done with that way of living.

The Giveaway

The Giveaway is something we offer to life without attachment, without expecting anything back. When someone drops something and you pick it up for them, you are giving back not just to them but to life. To encourage someone to achieve more with their skills and abilities is to giveaway the energy you have in that moment.

Look at your life, your feelings toward yourself and to others. Make a mental list of people, places and events you are grateful for. Connect with your feelings of gratitude. 

Be aware of gratitude you send out to the universe; be thankful for the things you have and have had in the past. Be grateful for the future and let it inspire you even if there is no apparent reason to be so yet! As you consider your gratitude your heart will open and, in that moment, you start realizing how much life has given you. Feelings of scarcity and deprivation start to fade away as you realize life is full of abundance for you. The Giveaway card helps you be in the NOW, the moment of your appreciation and to be in the flow of life, as you now give freely and receive freely.