Shaman Energy Card Reading for week of 2021/07/12

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I am Mark Ashford. 

I am a Registered Usui Tibetan Reiki Master Teacher, a Shaman and author of books and online courses on Reiki and Shamanism.

Weekly I post a video and podcast for the Shamanic Energy of the coming week. The reading is general; please take what resonates with you.

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The Staff

The Shaman’s staff is an important element of Shamanism and each Shaman has a staff that is uniquely their own.

It is a symbol of authority and power.

The staff gives you the power to find the middle course amongst many competing energies because it allows you to divine what is right and wrong and what must change for success. Moses carried a serpent staff through the desert, and with it he could summon the power of nature to heal or call plagues. 

Use the staff energy to find the middle ground, the middle ground tells you that all things must change. The middle ground is a balancing point between negativity and positivity, between paralysis and movement. Trust in the card as you move forward to what you have always wanted, the energy in the Staff will help find that delicate balance between will and surrender, day and night, action and inaction.

Take corrective action if it is needed as you move forward. Your life is in the hands of destiny, fate, the universe, but nothing says you cannot steer it course, the Staff helps with course adjustments, just as it does with the start and end of action.


Is very powerful element to a Shaman. It symbolizes purification, regeneration, birth, revival, and cleansing. Water can be enormously powerful, carving away earth and rock, moving boulders and trees as it creates a valley. Or submerge them as it creates lakes and oceans. If human kind is in the way of its creative force, it can be destructive and end lives of people and animals.

It can be sleepy and lazy as it meanders in shallow rivers across the landscape. Water that is scolding hot but is not bubbling and boiling looks the same as water just before it freezes into ice.

Water can also be something we cannot grasp. When it is steamed, it is as ephemeral as breath. It can be hard and unyielding as ice. 

Humans are 75% water. That includes our brain and our heart. Like the ebb and flow of the tides, allow sorrow and sadness, happiness and wonderment to flow through you now. Not only can these feelings be within you, but allow the world around you to flow over you and through you, knowing that you will remain and will move on to greater things.

This is like a baptism of newness and opportunity. There is a sense of newness, welcome it and embrace it 

The Hunter

Before farming and agriculture, before our settled way of life, fixed in one place to tend crops and abundance from the land. The hunter was the one who searched the woods and the plains for game to hunt and kill, to back as food for the family and for the tribe. 

He is a master tracker who knows which path to follow to find success.

Now is the time to follow your path to receive the abundance of the universe. Use the power and essence of the hunter to forge your own path, DO NOT follow the paths set by others, especially the paths well-worn and travelled. We may use these at some times, but now, the card tells you to follow your own unique path to abundance and manifestation. A compass is a tool that will tell you which direction is North, which is South, East and West. You have a strong internal compass. Follow it!

The hunter always looked for new prey and kills to make. They did not accept the rotting remains of meat that had died long ago. Today, we might call this road-kill. Also, as you hunt, be circumspect and examine the opportunities that come your way as you hunt. You need to separate fact from fiction, what glitters from what is gold. Do not be fooled, do not act too quickly. But act decisively when you have made your decision.

Queen of the Moon Oracle – Action

The card comes bringing a call to action. Your time of rest is over, or, if what is in front of you is paralyzing your ability to act, focus, and move!

Action, by its definition, means change. Change can be uncomfortable and challenging. Is what is in front of us the repeat of something we failed at? Is it something we want. but fear? A new relationship, a friendship, or a new job can be on our desires list but seem too dangerous to pursue. What if the new relationship causes hurt and upset to us, or a stable group of friends around us? A new job means new ways of doing things, different processes and procedures, can we adapt? Do we worry about fitting in with new colleagues?

Change and action are part of human nature, your nature. The Action card comes to you this week to tell you it is time to act, to move, to change, to develop. The time is this week, choose one thing that is “on hold” and get moving!