Shaman Energy Card Reading for week of 2021/06/14

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I am Mark Ashford. 

I am a Registered Usui Tibetan Reiki Master Teacher, a Shaman and author of books and online courses on Reiki and Shamanism.

Weekly I post a video and podcast for the Shamanic Energy of the coming week. The reading is general; please take what resonates with you.

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Upper World

Shamans visit the upper world to speak to angels, divine spirits, helping spirits, and all that is luminous, empowering, and wonderful. They go there to seek the highest answers to their challenges, and of those, they are seeking to heal. 

The Upper World is a place of destiny and growth, advancement and achievement. It is a place of discovery and potential. When the Shaman returns from the upper world, they bring healing and a future full of possibilities.

If the Trust card from last week encouraged you to trust yourself, the Upper World is sending you messages of encouragement to leap into the future. Your future. As you learned to trust in yourself and shrug off self-doubt, now you must rid yourself of sluggishness and apathy. While support for a new destiny is not yet in place, a new destination is available to you if you act now.

Wild Woman

The Wild Woman is a free spirit, unafraid of showing you how to hold up a mirror to your life. Unconstrained by the social etiquette of society, she reminds us to dance at the party as part of the expression of our life. If you feel constrained by the world, work, energy, and people around you, you are dimmed by what you allow to deny you. 

Taking a peaceful moment to reflect on how you are constrained is the constraint of your own making. Have you gotten yourself into a situation where what you wanted is now restricting you? Are the conventions of society that came with what you have created for yourself hurting you? If so, then it is time to free yourself, find your inner light and move on. Have all the material things you have acquired now a burden, and many now lie unused.

Uncover your light, understand it, look at it and let it spontaneously shine brightly and lead you to where and to what is beneficial for you. Learn to engage with the world and be inspired by the world. Like a river, the world is fluid, ever-changing, always constant inflow, enjoyable if you allow it to guide and help you. 

Queen of the Moon Oracle – Release

This card comes when spring is flowering; birds are mating and starting the next generation. Plants, trees and flowers are all blossoming and preparing for a new world of growth and change. For the new growth to manifest itself, the old must be discarded; branches that are deadfall from a tree without regard to whom or what may be underneath it.

You must do the same. Are you holding on to fishing equipment and perhaps a boat when you no longer go fishing? 

It is time to sell those things when they still have value and have not rotted away. Perhaps the fishing tackle and the boat bring memories of people but no longer know. They were good times, but that is the past; today is your opportunity to release them so that you may move into the future of new friends and new activities.

Releasing the past so that you may have a more accessible and happier time now and an even better time in the future gives you energy and opens your mind to new experiences. Grasp those new experiences with your recent freedom of mind and ability to act. Don’t hold back!