Shaman Energy Card Reading for week of 2021/06/07

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I am Mark Ashford. 

I am a Registered Usui Tibetan Reiki Master Teacher, a Shaman and author of books and online courses on Reiki and Shamanism.

Weekly I post a video and podcast for the Shamanic Energy of the coming week. The reading is general; please take what resonates with you.

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The Curse

The curse speaks to our karma, karma from previous lives that affects and controls us in this life. It blocks us and directs us if we let it confuse us. Bad karma brought into this life from the past may appear accurate, but it is not.

A rash act in a past life, a life where you lived restricted by caste, culture, language or physical ability, should not affect this life unless you allow it to. This card appears to warn you to release past beliefs and karma that have followed you into this life. Control and remove fears, cultivate and learn about new things that are good for you. 

Now is the time to move on from past restrictions that have played your mind and kept you back.

The Owl

The owl sees clearly, even at night. It is quiet and mysterious. It flies on wings specially adapted to be silent when washing so that its prey does not hear it coming. Most important to the owl is the intuition and wisdom to hunt in places where it can find food.

The owl spirit comes to tell you to be wise in where and what you do. Not everything in front of you, beckoning for your attention, will be beneficial to you. Use owl-like intuition to read between the lines, pay attention to contracts and what you sign obligates you to commitments that may not be right for you.

Just because others have signed quickly or accepted responsibilities and obligations do not mean that you need to do the same. We have free will, which gives us the possibility to do good, not so good, or nothing. You have only so much energy to accept obligations. Use your power wisely and on what benefits you. You do not have to be like everyone else, be yourself, uniquely yourself.

Trust in yourself, your intuition, your wisdom and a clear mind to make the right decision and only accept obligations that are beneficial to you.

Queen of the Moon Oracle – Trust

This is the time to cultivate and grow trust in yourself, your actions, thoughts and deeds. If you do, then good things will materialize.

Self-trust is magnetic; it is the foundation of all other trusts that we develop and use with people and things in our lives. Self-trust brings self-respect and self-confidence. Above all, it brings a more profound and more appreciative knowing of ourselves.

When you know yourself and trust your actions and abilities, you start to encounter an abundant life, a life when all things are possible. All are achievable, and your natural creativity brings good things into your life.

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