Shaman Energy Card Reading for week of 2021/05/31

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I am Mark Ashford. 

I am a Registered Usui Tibetan Reiki Master Teacher, a Shaman and author of books and online courses on Reiki and Shamanism.

Weekly I post a video and podcast for the Shamanic Energy of the coming week. The reading is general; please take what resonates with you.

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Pachamama is Mother Earth, Gaia. She loves everything on earth, all that is growing, plants, flowers, trees, grasses, stones, rocks and the water that flows over the world. Pachamama loves all of humanity, in all its diversity and all of its ages.

All that is living on this earth gives the animals and us the ability for our souls to experience a temporary, impermanent, and imperfect physical existence. Regardless of its imperfections, perfection can be an imperfection in itself. Be grateful for it. Every morning and every evening, spend a few minutes to express your gratitude for who you are and what you are.

A shaman connects with the spirits of the trees, flowers, stones, water and air as they seek information to heal someone, a tribe, or a community.

This week, eat carefully and balance your meals and what goes into them. As they say, a little of everything is good; too much of one thing is not. Be nourished by what you eat is the message. Take some time to be happy and light-hearted; take pleasure in art or movies or music as this is an expression of your appreciation for the life you have. Be nourished by what you experience.

Show how much you enjoy the earth and all living things by letting Pachamama witness you do something such as planting something, caring for plants and animals that might not otherwise have been cared for.

The Sorcerer

The Sorcerer symbolizes beliefs and ideas of division, struggle and being without. We feel the Sorcerer casts a dark shadow over our lives, but the shadows are our own in reality. Those shadows are feelings of separation from loved ones, colleagues, pets. Feelings of conflict and aggression to others to achieve our self-centred goals.

Our shadows may be narrow, broad, or generous in their focus. Either way, our busy mind loves to feed off the shadow energy and its negative feelings. The Sorcerer is asking you to look at these energies, examine how destructive they are. What are you feeling? Resentment, vengeance, lust, greed, bigotry, or hatred about or to whom or what. These feelings are unjustified and not your spiritual core, which is pushed away without consideration.

The Sorcerer challenges you, confronts your dark thinking and beliefs. Now! Is a second chance! Start over. Be strong and be vigilant about the darkness you are being asked to recognize and then discard. 

Others are not to blame for what is inside of you, what you allow to be there. Take a moment to create a sense of peace, move in another direction, and not let those negative thoughts and feelings grow again. You are done with them and that way of living.

Queen of the Moon Oracle Cards – Attraction

Attraction is about bringing to yourself things that you want. And by definition of attraction, there is the ability to deflect the things you do not and no longer need. 

This card is also a Super Moon. That is, the moon is at its closest to the earth in its revolutions, and as a result, it looks oversized in the sky. As a result of the closeness of the moon to the planet, Tides are unusually high. As human beings are made up mostly of water, 60% actually, our emotions are more potent than usual when the moon is this close to us.

If our feelings are more substantial and our ability to attract is more vigorous, we must be careful with this period of sensitivity. Blindly attracting everything will not benefit us. We need to be discerning in what we attract and decide to keep and what will leave our lives to have time for the new things and people who have entered our lives.

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