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I am a Registered Reiki Teacher and Practitioner and a Usui Tibetan Reiki Master Teacher as well as a Shaman. I am a published author of books and online courses on Reiki and Shamanism and together with this YouTube Channel, I host a Podcast on Shamanism.

Weekly I will post a video and podcast for the Shamanic Energy of the coming week. The reading is a general reading, please take what resonates with you.

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The Sweat Lodge

Think of the Sweat Lodge and think of a modern Sauna. They have many things in common. In a small space, volcanic rocks from deep in Mother Gia are heated until they are red hot and then life giving water is spinked over them to make steam, and humidity. In the sauna we are often, but not always naked. Being naked, we can hide nothing and be who we truly are. In a sauna we sit in light, not darkness. In a native Indian Sweat Lodge, you would be in darkness.

It is a personal moment in a personal space. This is the time when our insides, through sweat become our outsides and can be shed. It is a time for old habits and beliefs to go, drip from us in the sweat that comes from the pores in our skin, the largest living organ we and all animals have.

Now is the time for a new start, a second chance, a moment of peace before change. Now is the time to be ready to adopt new habits, beliefs and thoughts and prepare to move beyond what we have been before we walked through the door of the Sauna or Sweat Lodge.

Observe the ritual of the sauna. Use more water to create more steam. Be patient as the heat and steam draw out the physical toxins, and the spiritual. Recognise them for what they are. But do not spend much time on them.

The Sweat Lodge, the Sauna is a place of new beginnings, new opportunities if you truly and freely shed the things that are not working for you. As you release, think of the hot steamy space you are in as being somewhere where the new opportunities can take root and grow.  

The Sorcerer

The Sorcerer symbolizes beliefs and ideas of division, struggle and being without. We feel the sorcerer casts a dark shadow over our lives, but in reality, the shadows are own. Those shadows are feelings of separation from loved one, colleagues, pets. Feelings of conflict and aggression to others in order to achieve our self-centred goals.

Our shadows may be narrow, broad, or generous in their focus. Either way, our busy mind loves to feed off the shadow energy and its negative feelings. The sorcerer, is asking you to look at these energies, examine how destructive they are. What are you feeling? Resentment, vengeance, lust, greed, bigotry, or hatred about or to whom or what. These feelings are unjustified and not your spiritual core which is pushed away without consideration.

The Sorcerer challenges you, confronts your dark thinking and beliefs. Now! Is a second chance! Start over. Be strong and be vigilant about the darkness you are beings asked to recognise, and then, to discard. 

Others are not to blame for what is inside of you, what you allow to be there. Take a moment to create a sense of peace and move in another direction and do not allow those negative thoughts and feelings to grow again. You are done with them and that way of living.

The Earthkeeper

We create our own worlds, materially and spiritually. We keep our homes clean, warm and pleasing to our souls. An Earthkeeper is someone who when they are out for a walk-in nature, knows and agrees that they are responsible for all they see and hear and do. Earthkeepers take their litter home, and dispose of it properly, not by dumping it on the grass. The grass has no way of dealing with our litter.

The walk-in nature is just part of being an Earthkeeper. When you take care of your personal space and the greater open space of nature you have a responsibility to take care of your physical being because that is what allows your soul to grow and develop and experience.

Look inside yourself, see what things that do not benefit you are doing to your body. Adding weight, losing strength and vitality, draining your energy. Smoking destroys your lungs and ability to inhale the air that surrounds you and all other living things.

A simple challenge is to change the start of your day. Begin the day by doing what you know to be good. Do not shake it off. Do what you know to be right for you, even if it takes some energy and effort. The rewards will be there waiting for you.


Lightning, is a huge discharge of energy from the sky to the ground. On the ground it can damage and it can create. In a forest, it may destroy some trees as it hits the ground but if it creates a fire, it is a cleansing fire, consuming dead trees and undergrowth to make way for new trees and new plants and growing things in which animals can live and hunt and give birth to new generations.

Think of this card as being a message for what is inside of you. If you are full of old ideas and old habits that are tired and add nothing to your life than this card is sent to you to recognise that those things must go and the new energy from the Upper World is here to show you the benefits of new creative endeavours.

The Shaman energy of this card brings gifts and cleansing all at the same time, let the old go, and embrace the new. If you need to sit quietly to allow these things to happen, do so. It is time to accept that you must change, that things in your life must change. Prepare to move on as you accept what it is you are moving to. Not to do so will mean you miss the opportunity and will be destined to repeat past unhappiness until the next bolt of lightning arrives from the Upper World.

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