Shaman Energy Card Reading for week 2021/01/18


I am Mark Ashford, a Registered Reiki Teacher and Practitioner and a Usui Tibetan Reiki Master Teacher as well as a Shaman. I am a published author of books and online courses on Reiki and Shamanism and together with this YouTube Channel, I host a Podcast on Shamanism.

I post a video and podcast every week for the Shamanic Energy of the coming week. The reading is a general reading, please take from it what resonates with you.

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Let’s look at the energy in the cards for this week


To a child, the world around them is full of magical things, the child sees everything as possible. Even though we are in a pandemic, flowers still bloom, babies are conceived, and born, these are all signs of potential and the child see this and believes in it.

As we grow and shape our lives, we must pay attention to the signs that tell us we are on the right path. We must look for the next action to take. We must also know to stay the course and not be diverted away from what we need to pay attention to. 

Magic tells you that you are doing the right things, with the right energy and the right intention to make your dreams come true. The Universe, your angels and guides, all are supporting you and listening, acting on your behalf! Pay attention to them. Magic gives birth to miracles.

The Sorcerer

The Sorcerer is the Black Shaman. The Black Shaman works with and for the malevolent spirits, he or she is destructive to human existence. The Black Shaman is called on and paid by those who have a self-centered behavior and desire to harm others to gain what they want, or, prevent others from achieving their goal.

Think, if you are a supervisor, did you stop someone leaving early to take care of a child, or an aging parent because you could, not because there was another solution? It is easier to harm someone or something than to create.   

Take a moment to look into and at the destructive part of your psyche that misuses power, or holds on to and values resentment, vengeance, lust, greed, bigotry, or hatred. 

The Sorcerer is an energy that challenges you. Challenges you to change your thinking and feelings. This is a card of second chances. From this moment forward think, feel and act differently. Do not value the darkness in you and around you. Even if darkness is done to you. 

The Corn

Corn us food, it is nourishment. Grow it, eat it, crush it and transform it into something else to eat. The stalks can be used for roofing and with the mud of Mother Gaia, make walls.

It represents the mother of sustenance and tangible abundance. This symbol represents material prosperity in the world and provides stability and sustenance to many. There is more than enough to go around.

Corn is planted, then grows and when it has finished growing its fruit appears. In our lives, we plant many things, ideas, hopes, wishes. Even plans are planted, a plan is really a description of how our ideas will bring about what we need and hope for. 

In moments when you were losing faith, you continued. Remember, it is always darkest before the dawn but you continued on, planting and nurturing. Now the spirit of the Corn comes to honor this and show you how bountiful the harvest is. 

The corn takes time to grow and provide the abundance you are about to reap. It is time to be warry of shortcuts, things that seem to be too good or inner feelings of being entitled to a certain outcome. 

The farmer, like you, knows deep down that the crop must be nurtured, the farmer plants the seed corn with intention and respectfully in conjunction with Mother Gaia. Let go of insecurity, feelings or thoughts of there not being enough, or that someone else could take what is yours. You have all you need for success.

The corn says this is your time to receive. Regardless of whether the rewards are financial or the kind of prosperity measured in quality rather than quantity. Corn is a symbol of blessing. Don’t forget to share your good fortune.