Shaman Energy Card Reading for week of 2020/11/16

What this is – Hello and welcome to the “The Shaman Podcast”

Speaker –        Mark A. Ashford

                        I am a Usui Tibetan Reiki Master and Teacher for IARP

                        I am a Registered Teacher and Practitioner for Canadian Reiki Association

                        Tibetan Shaman

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So, let’s get to the subject of this Podcast…

The staff is the symbol of authority. It appeared in the reading for 2020/10/19. This repeating message tells you have not acted. The shaman’s staff is the home of a helping spirit the shaman uses during his healing practices. The spirit in the staff helps and guides and supports you physically and emotionally to find the right course of action. It tells you to move the tip of the staff forward so you can take the step you are intended to take.

The staff again reminds you of the impermanence of all things, and that your authority must come from your deep longing to serve.

Now is the time to study your life path, the next step on your journey. As you ponder the step, recognize that you have already decided to take it, what is missing in action. Use the strength and balance the spirit in the shaman’s staff gives you to move from the negative and inaction to the positive and action. Do It Now! 

The Heart of Sky is Creation. It is love and the life force making all things possible. 

To the shaman the sky is air, one of the essential five elements. Air is flow, movement strength and force. A strong wind that really has no substance can blow over a strong tall tree as well as a building if it is not built well or insecure.

Think of anger, discomfort, fear, unhappiness, even minor illness such as a headache. Negative thoughts and fears. Those thoughts and fears will make you unhappy, feel down or depressed. Let the wind blow those away and leave your psyche clean and clear, and refreshed.

The sky is also space because through air we see the stars and the void between them, space is also an essential element for the shaman. Let yourself be open to the wonder you are seeing and relax. Let the infinity of space come into your being and give you a sense of limitlessness.

When you concentrate on space your mind is clearer, less cluttered and more energetic. You have less tension; you feel less disrupted. You can sit back and see the big picture and at the same time, seize the opportunities coming to you because you have more space to accommodate them.

The Heart of Sky reminds you that you are a channel for the original energy of creation. Become the paintbrush, the canvas, and the artist, all guided by the Heart of Sky. Set your intention, ethically and clearly, and allow the universe to take care of the details.

You may feel responsible for everything and everyone. Perhaps you think you have to do it all alone. This takes you into a dark hole where you lose trust in the natural order of the cosmos. Shed your lofty sense of duty, and recognize that this is a false prison of your own making. You can open the door and set yourself free in an instant.

Tiny and beautiful, hummingbirds fly enormous distances relative to their size. They migrate between North and Central or South America to feed on the nectar available in the summer flowers. They are fiercely territorial and protect their home vigorously. As the hummingbird drinks its high-octane nectar to fuel itself it shows us how important what we eat is. Only eat what beneficial and nutritious.

The hummingbird bypasses flowers which may be attractive but do not have enough nectar, so must you bypass opportunities that are less than what they seem. Pay attention to the details of offers that come your way.

When you hear the buzzing of hummingbird wings, that is the sound of a hummingbird looking at a new adventure.

Trust that your spiritual guides have brought you to the right place, the right moment, now it is up to you to take bold action and like the hummingbird drink the nectar. Trust that success is assured, even if there are still tests and challenges. Know that all will be well because the All is in the small.

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