Shaman Energy Card Readings for Week of 2020/11/09

What this is – Hello and welcome to the “The Shaman Podcast”

Speaker –        Mark A. Ashford

                        I am a Usui Tibetan Reiki Master and Teacher for IARP

                        I am a Registered Teacher and Practitioner for Canadian Reiki Association

                        Tibetan Shaman

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So, let’s get to the subject of this Podcast…

The Beloved. Spirit exits in each and every one of us. We are in love when we recognize Spirit in another. That is when we truly fall in love. As we mature and we are able to recognize Spirit more deeply in ourselves, we begin to see it more deeply in others and can understand it in them.

Spirit in another is not surface or ego love. Let the other person show their true selves. Give them time and yourself time to understand each other. If they are only acting as a mirror, reflecting your own surface desires and hopes, and you do not recognize this, you will endure false emotions and hurtful love which will damage both of you for some time to come.

Open your eyes and proceed cautiously in a new relationship.

When Standstill appears, we are asked to pause. We are moving too fast, or we are moving in the wrong direction. Now is the time to stop, look around and observe your situation. We need to sit down if we are standing or lay down if we are sitting. If we are stuck and not moving forward, we need to rest. Non action, is action, if we use the time and the energy it gives us correctly.

Standstill may also appear when nothing is happening, we are not progressing and there is a feeling the universe has forgotten us and is not sharing anything with us anymore. Remember, no one or thing can move constantly without rest being required. Allow yourself to rest now. 

Rest is also peace. Allow peace to flow through you as information and facts come to you. When they do, consider them peacefully and generously and relax as the wheel of fortune spins in your favour. For now, enjoy the beauty that is pausing before more action. Enjoy it. Control the egoic mind stop it from burning your precious energy and creating worry, doubt, anxiety and fear. Let the universe bring all the parts together for the highest good. Go and play, recharge, and take the focus off whatever has stalled. Life will get busy again for you sooner than you think.

Recognize that the egoic mind also likes to engage in endless analysis – analysis paralysis – that leads to no action but consumes vital energy. Analysis paralysis blocks you and those around you. Now is the time to consider whether you are going in the right direction in a relaxed manner. You have been given this time to stop a project, to exit before damage and without any cost. Your thoughts and deeds at this time are elegant and balanced because nothing is interfering with them. When something doesn’t go the way you think it should, remember the following: what is yours cannot be taken away.

The Sorcerer is the basis of dark power. Dark power is destructive, it is the part of the human psyche that is self-centered, jealous, and harms others, or seeks to harm others without any regard for them. It symbolizes the unconscious beliefs and ideas that foster separation, conflict, and scarcity.

When the Sorcerer enters your circle, you’re being called to look at how your beliefs around scarcity and self-centered fear manifest in your world. 

Examine the destructive part of your psyche that misuses power or harbors feelings of resentment, vengeance, lust, greed, bigotry, or hatred. 

Maybe because of your actions, or, purposeful inaction, you have harmed someone. The Sorcerer is here, now to challenge you, change your approach, your thinking, your habits, your wishes and goals. You have a second chance. Correct your course and practice not blaming others for the darkness that lives inside you. Make peace with it and choose another way.

Have you been feeling out of sorts because you’ve been faced with your own character flaws and the pain that you inflict on others when you are out of alignment? Radical self-acceptance is called for now. 

You must reconcile these darker aspects of your nature so you don’t behave irresponsibly and cause more harm to yourself and the ones you love. It’s time to come out of denial and accept responsibility for your words and deeds. 

When you meet the energy of the Sorcerer with humility, this destructive power transforms into grace, grace you can use in service to the higher good. Perhaps it’s time to make amends. Do it. It will set you free from the shadows and let you step into the Light.

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