Shaman Energy Card Reading for Week of 2020/11/02

What this is – Hello and welcome to the “The Shaman Podcast”

Speaker –        Mark A. Ashford

                        I am a Usui Tibetan Reiki Master and Teacher for IARP

                        I am a Registered Teacher and Practitioner for Canadian Reiki Association

                        Tibetan Shaman

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So, let’s get to the subject of this Podcast…

The Sun is power, brightness, energy, it is good fortune. It is the sun that gives energy to the world, to the plants and all living things, including you. It is celebrated for the beauty of its sunrise and sunset. It can also be destructive, a scorching summer day.

Right now, in North America, it is fall, mornings are dark and nights start early. Events that send us to our secluded space. To have a nap and draw in emotionally. But this card showing up now tells you your brightness, humour, and fun are needed by the people you know. There is too much seriousness in the world and the world needs you. It is time to get out and shine like the sun.

The day is brightened by the sun but that is only half of the 24 hours in a day. The night, brightened by the moon, which reflects light form the sun, has its value and its charms. Do not put all your energy into the daylight, keep some for the night. This is a message not to send out all your energy during the day and have nothing left for the night. Also, as you send out your energy do not compete with or be overcome by the energy for others.

The medicine wheel is a sacred hoop marked by the four cardinal directions honored by shamans and other spiritually awake people. As a circle, it contains the energy of the cycle of life, of existence for all people, all animals, and all plants. 

To manifest clear blue skies in your life, it is important that you take a look at certain aspects of your existence. Enter the medicine wheel from the south and reflect on how you are still clinging to events from the past. Continue to the west and notice which relationships are toxic and drain your energy. Step into the north and ask yourself: “Do I know my passion and do I show it?” End at the east, visualize how you want to live the next chapter of your life. It is up to you how much time you spend in each direction—minutes, days, or months. But when you are done, make sure to step outside the wheel and contemplate your journey.

Healing is important to you, start it NOW! Healing is not easy. Seek out a Reiki Master/Teacher, or a White Shaman to help and guide you. Now is the time to take a step forward, to heal and also recognize your life path purpose. Every journey of a thousand miles starts with one step, so says the Chinese proverb, choose your path and take that step, and do not deviate from it. Do not look down at your feet, look up and forward.

The witness observes. He or she sees without taking action. Action is the second stage of assessing your situation. Be in the moment and sense and feel the depth of your unique perspective. Then, and only then, take action. The outcome will be better for ourselves and for anyone who has asked us for help, and guidance. Sometimes we can be so still that we are a mirror for the other person. Then, through our presence, they receive their own answers.

Your guides have been with you since birth, they are here to help you if you will let them. They are your allies in all things. Because you reach out with your fingers and hands the impression is that you are doing, making things happen. This is not always true. 

It is time for you to get out of the way and let your angels and guides lead and unfold creations, wishes, and see your personal happiness in ways that you would not have considered. Find stillness and let the intent of your life path reveal itself.

Now is the time to be aware of what you can do, what you have been thinking about but not acted on. Now is the time to let change happen. Do not resist and do not let your egoic mind that resists change take back control. It has been leading you for too long. 

Now is the time for YOU to lead.

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