Shaman Energy Card Reading for 2020/10/26

Shaman energy Cards for 2020/10/26
Shaman energy Cards for 2020/10/26

The staff is the symbol of authority. It appeared in the reading for 2020/10/19. This repeating message tells you have not acted. The shaman’s staff is the home of a helping spirit the shaman uses during his healing practices. The spirit in the staff helps and guides and supports you physically and emotionally to find the right course of action. It tells you to move the tip of the staff forward so you can take the step you are intended to take.

The staff again reminds you of the impermanence of all things, and that your authority must come from your deep longing to serve.

Now is the time to study your life path, the next step on your journey. As you ponder the step, recognise that you have already decided to take it, what is missing in action. Use the strength and balance the spirit in the shaman’s staff gives you to move from the negative and inaction to the positive and action. Do It Now! 

The Wild Woman is someone full of life and energy, dancing and singing. Enjoying life. They are bright and energetic, and live beyond social conformity. They are a beacon of shining light that comes from within. Their presence glows with their natural inner essence. Whether it is social restrictions or their conformity required in the work place, they seem to be free of it, or, make what they do glow and seem attractive. 

Do not let social convention or a dreary work place or work tasks suppress your inner glow and presence. No one fits in a box, least of all you. In these tough COVID-19 times, it is your time to express yourself and shine brightly. Karma and life will decide what will happen, again, stop worrying! Live!

The Child looks at the world simply, everything is joy and happiness. You are being brought to a time of innocence and happiness for the second time except this time you turn with knowledge and life experience you did not have the first time. 

You have a second chance to join your life path purpose and experience the good karma of your actions. To join your life path, you need to be open to learning what it is and how your life is integral to the journey. When you are looking in the mirror, who is looking back at you, the egoic mind of worry, doubts, and fears, or someone awake and in step with the meaning of their life? Does that person in the mirror know and appreciate the value of fun and laughter, joy and happiness? If not, make a promise to yourself to do something fun and happy today, and every day to cast away the dark shadows the egoic mind has cast over your existence so far.

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