Shaman Energy Card Reading for 2020/10/19

Shaman energy Cards for 2020/10/19
Shaman energy Cards for 2020/10/19

Spirit exits in each and every one of us. We are in love when we recognize Spirit in another. That is when we truly fall in love. As we mature and we are able to recognize Spirit more deeply in ourselves, we begin to see it more deeply in others and can understand it in them.

Spirit in another is not surface or ego love. Let the other person show their true selves. Give them time and yourself time to understand each other. If they are only acting as a mirror, reflecting your own surface desires and hopes, and you do not recognize this, you will endure false emotions and hurtful love which will damage both of you for some time to come.

Open your eyes and proceed cautiously in a new relationship.

The staff is the symbol of authority. A shaman’s staff is the home of a helping spirit the shaman uses during his healing practices. The spirit in the staff helps and guides and supports you physically and emotionally to find the right course of action.

The staff reminds you of the impermanence of all things, and that your authority must come from your deep longing to serve.

Now is the time to study your life path, the next step on your journey. As you ponder the step, recognise that you have already decided to take it, what is missing is action. Use the strength and balance the spirit in the shaman’s staff gives you to move from the negative and inaction to the positive and action. Do It Now! 

The gatherer is the symbol of the person who before farming and cultivation fed themselves and the tribe with all that was natural and good in nature and provided by Mother Gaia. The gatherer does not stockpile, the Gatherer trusts in the bounty around them.

In this stressful time of COVID and global pandemic. Look at the resources round you, what you have provided for yourself in days, weeks, months and years gone by. Be grateful for what you have and tell the Universe. Now is not the time to buy more, you are rich in your abundance. Prepare for the next phase of your life with a mindset of abundance and prosperity, that will attract more abundance and prosperity into your life. If your mind is fixed on what you do not have or that what you have is not good enough, that is the way it will turn out. Turn off these negative thoughts and looks at the positive and what you can do with what you possess.

For legal purposes, all videos are strictly for entertainment purposes. Viewers have free will and are entirely responsible for any interpretation they place on the readings in all aspects and sectors of their life. I take no responsibility for individual viewer interpretation. Thank you.

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