Shaman Energy Card Reading for 2020/10/12

The Wild Woman is someone full of life and energy, dancing and singing. Enjoying life. They are bright and energetic, and live beyond social conformity. They are a beacon of shining light that comes from within. Their presence glows with their natural inner essence. Whether it is social restrictions or their conformity required in eth work place, they seem to be free of it, or, make what they do glow and seem attractive. 

Do not let social convention or a dreary work place or work tasks suppress your inner glow and presence. No one fits in a box, least of all you. In these tough COVID-19 times, it is your time to express yourself and shine brightly. Karma and life will decide what will happen, stop worrying! Live!

Earth. Mother Gaia. The essence of Life, birth, humanity and nature. Life lives and grows and adapts. What do we make of life, wealth… health… happiness? Are we grounded and purposeful, are we conscious of what is around us or simply seeing Gaia, this wonderful gift as resources to dig up and use?

Now is the time to see what nurtures you? At Thanksgiving you will see the bounty of food and understand the resources that went into the meal you give thanks with. You will see the people around you that are part of your life and for which you also need to give thanks for. If you act with integrity, gratitude, and humility, for these gifts you will find more prosperity than you can imagine. Success is assured when the Earth appears as an invitation.

When Earth appears, it can also be a call to look after yourself. It is a practice that is simple to do. Take a walk-in nature, and focus on the consciousness of abundance, miracles can and do happen.

The Tree of Life, The World Tree, or Arbor Mundi. A sacred symbol from Siberia to the Americas, Australia, India and Europe. Two of its artistic embodiments, the Old Testament Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil and the Norse world tree – Ash Yggdrassil have taken a special place in the world culture. Its roots descend into the Lower world and its branches rise up to the Heavens.

This is a message to you to make sure your feet are on the ground. If your lofty thoughts are fantasy and daydreams and not matched by having your feet firmly grounded the slightest breeze or upset will blow you over. You need to be more grounded.

But, if you are in the same job, or doing the same work over and over and feel you are nothing more than a cog in a machine, you may be too grounded and have not raised yourself and your thoughts up to the higher branches to see what could be changed, so lift yourself up. 

Now turn to what it is you want to manifest. What is required to help your desires and wishes grow and become the fruit you harvest from The Tree of Life. Be conscious of what you desire to create and how and what you need to create and act.

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