Shamanic Energy card Reading for week of 20201005

Every Monday I will post a video of the Shamanic Energy for the coming week. The reading is a general reading, please take what resonates with you.

I am a Registered Reiki Teacher and Practitioner and a Usui Tibetan Reiki Master Teacher as well as a shaman. I am a published author of books and online courses on Reiki and Shamanism and together with this YouTube Channel I host a Podcast on Shamanism. I am also an author of fantasy books that are channeled to me through my guides.

Each Monday I will post a YouTube video of the Shamanic Energy Card Reading for the week ahead.

Mystical Shaman Oracle Cards used in reading. Amazon link. –

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Now is the time to focus on your positive traits and make sure they are clear to all around you. The positive in you is your light, your presence and power. The intention in that power is what helps you manifest what you want in life. 

Mistakes you have made in the pats should not be repeated, whether it’s friendships, romantic relationships or work. Do not let yourself repeat what does not serve you or dulls your presence. If the thought of doing so brings anger, release it. Do not hurt the people or yourself who are dear to you.

The Crow requires we speak and practice truth in all things. This may mean correcting what is wrong in your life. Do not judge yourself. Truth is everything and your way forward from now. Do not dwell on whether you should act truthfully in a situation, just be truthful and do not let busy mind or ego persuade you otherwise. 

When things do not go as planned, it is the coyote at work. When plans do not work out or have to be changed suddenly, this is an opportunity for learning and growth in ourselves and other around us. What we learn from these happenings is intended to be for our highest good. The challenge is not to feel obstructed and downbeat, look up and learn and thank the universe for the lesson. The lesson maybe of faith, unexpected delays and detours ensure your intentions do not waiver. 

The detour maybe to make sure you are ready for the gift you have asked for. When that happens be ready to learn from the detour and your manifestations will be all the more beneficial for you.

For legal purposes, all videos are strictly for entertainment purposes. Viewers have free will and are entirely responsible for any interpretation they place on the readings in all aspects and sectors of their life. I take no responsibility for individual viewer interpretation. Thank you.

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