Shamanic Energy card Reading for week of 20200928

Every Monday I will post a video of the Shamanic Energy for the coming week. The reading is a general reading, please take what resonates with you.

I am a Registered Reiki Teacher and Practitioner and a Usui Tibetan Reiki Master Teacher as well as a shaman. I am a published author of books and online courses on Reiki and Shamanism and together with this YouTube Channel I host a Podcast on Shamanism. I am also an author of fantasy books that are channeled to me through my guides.

Each Monday I will post a YouTube video of the Shamanic Energy Card Reading for the week ahead.

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For legal purposes, all videos are strictly for entertainment purposes. Viewers have free will and are entirely responsible for any interpretation they place on the readings in all aspects and sectors of their life. I take no responsibility for individual viewer interpretation. Thank you.

The lunar cycle is 29.5 days. The moon disappears completely returning in several phases until it is shining brightly with reflected light from the sun. The moon does not spin on its axis it shows the same face, and hides the other.

Moon rules the high and low tides, and it affects our emotions and feelings, especially if we have been focusing on work, promotion, achievement. Now is the time to remove yourself from business and rethink of your path, and goals. Use the phases of the New Moon to the Full moon as a time of spiritual growth, do not to take on more burdens. Connect with others and engage with them, be open.

Your watch tells time, how much has passed and what remains of an hour, week, month, or year. We think of time as linear, from a starting point to an end. We think of our lives in the same way. There is a time in our lives when we say, there are more years behind me than I have in front as we anticipate our death getting closer. And yet, we do not know when our death will come. 

To break the linear quality of time we must concentrate on the Now. “Realize deeply that the present moment is all you have. Make the ‘now’ the primary focus of your life.” Eckhart Tolle.

When you follow the moment and are engaged with it, time will expand and you will receive what it is you need to be successful in the moment. Let go of busy mind and thoughts of manipulating time.

At the end of our life, our good and bad deeds are weighed and the nature of our rebirth is decided. One aspect of our karma is our ability to love to forgive, to venture and to risk. 

Did you embrace the gift of your life with enthusiasm? How much did you dare or risk in life? All who take risks do so without a guarantee of success. Do you accept risk without that guarantee, if so, why not? Is your busy ego telling you, you are not good enough, why do you believe it? How much opportunity in your life has passed by because you did not risk?  

Look back on your life and evaluate the risk and success you had when you did risk and use it to quiet your busy mind and take a risk, and then another.

The Curse is part of your karma. In a past life you may have experienced loss, pain, or anguish. Release those feelings, thoughts, or beliefs so that you can have a happy life without those past life blocks. Sit quietly and consider the following. Replace xxx with whatever is to be released. Repeat it three times before you go to bed tonight.

‘I renounce my vow/past life of xxx! 

IN THIS life I am free to gain materially, spiritually and emotionally.
IN THIS life I am aligned to receive great amounts of abundance of wealth, love and to give forgiveness  

IN THIS life I am wealthy, happy and free of any and all karma that may have been holding me back. 

With this energy, I go forward!’ 

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