Shamanic Energy Card reading for week of 2020/09/21

Every Monday I will post a video of the Shamanic Energy for the coming week. The reading is a general reading, please take what resonates with you.

I am a Registered Reiki Teacher and Practitioner and a Usui Tibetan Reiki Master Teacher as well as a shaman. I am a published author of books and online courses on Reiki and Shamanism and together with this YouTube Channel I host a Podcast on Shamanism. I am also an author of fantasy books that are channeled to me through my guides.

Each Monday I will post a YouTube video of the Shamanic Energy Card Reading for the week ahead.

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For legal purposes, all videos are strictly for entertainment purposes. Viewers have free will and are entirely responsible for any interpretation they place on the readings in all aspects and sectors of their life. I take no responsibility for individual viewer interpretation. Thank you.

The Jaguar a creature of the jungle, it is an apex predator, it eats what it wants, it is powerful, rarely seen, it is never prey. If this speaks to you then you know the ways of the shadows and how to work behind the scenes for your best advantage, especially in the corporate world. Yet you are limited. You have created walls for yourself. Are they walls to keep the world out or you in?  The walls cast shadows of darkness and restraint. They have stopped you form moving on to better things. This week, look at the walls, understand why you have created them. Now, move beyond them. As you do, acknowledge what is not working for you, possessions, people, ideas, concepts, let go and leave them behind. 

The Serpent – heal and gain knowledge. Emotional and spiritual wounds from the past, perhaps a failed relationship needs healing. Start this week. You do not need the burden of what has failed, but look into why and learn from what happened and the effect on you. Become a new person as a result of the healing. Look into learning, online courses, training, books, videos. Choose learning methods where you are in control of the pace. You can learn quickly now, do so! The knowledge you gain will help you be successful as The Jaguar breaks down the walls of your limitations.

The Circle – completeness. Many hands, on the circle. They are all yours and also everyone we encounter in this physical life. As the Jaguar and Serpent help you to break down your walls, remember your existence is moving through a phase, a stage of existence. The hands you used in the past are not relevant to today, and what is today is not relevant for tomorrow. The Jaguar and Serpent are here to help you move the circle with unique energy and learning for this week and future. Do it! You can. Now!

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