Shaman Energy Card reading for 2020/09/14

The Arrow is a symbol that when your heart, mind and soul are aligned you will achieve your goal, like an arrow hitting the bull’s eye. Being true to yourself brings the material world and its ability to feed and clothe our physical self with what is truly and honestly inside us. It is freedom, and release of your inner originality.

Be confident that the arrow of your hopes and dreams has landed in the perfect place for your higher good. Now is not the time to worry about the “how” this is achieved. The universe will take care of that. And, do not worry about the form of your gift from the universe. If you want a car, accept the colour that arrives. Being closed to accepting anything other than a red car will make your arrow miss the bull’s eye and you will not receive what you are trying to manifest. Just celebrate!

The Beloved – reversed speaks to our core essence of love, a gift from Spirit. More often we fall in love with appearance, material values, and personality than the Beloved in another person. We cannot truly fall in love if we cannot see the beloved Spirit in ourselves first.

This week be cautious of falling in love too quickly with the appearance, material values, and personality of another. Stop and ask yourself if things are moving too quickly. Sit down and meditate on this. If you had a similar relationship the past, and it did not go well, take the time now, at the start, to consider if this is the same. 

Take a moment to see the beloved Spirit in yourself and be understanding and knowing of that before looking outward. It is important and precious. When you have done that, look at the new relationship and see if you can see Spirit in them. If not, then you do not need to repeat a past failed relationship that arrives in a different package.

To be clear, this may not just be a romantic relationship. It could be a platonic relationship with someone younger, or, someone of your age but who acts younger. It could be people, managers, or supervisors at work. Guard your heart, your spirit from toxic situations that deplete you and do not benefit you.

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