Shaman Energy Card reading for 2020/09/07

The Tree of Life – reversed. The World Tree, or Arbor Mundi. A sacred symbol from Siberia to the Americas, Australia, India and Europe. Two of its artistic embodiments, the Old Testament Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil and the Norse world tree – Ash Yggdrassil have taken a special place in the world culture. Its roots descend into the Lower world and its branches rise up to the Heavens.

In the reverse, with the roots upper most instead of branches and leaves this is a message to you that you are too grounded. Your dreams, what you want to manifest are held down, held back, by you being too grounded. You are finding too many excuses not to let your dreams come into reality. You cannot manifest your desires because you are over thinking your dreams and finding excuses not to go forward. Stop Procrastinating!

Take a deep breath in when thinking of negative and reason why not to do something and release them with your breath out.

The Blade is a cutting tool. It represents your mind, body, and spirit. Pointing upward, it summons the power of heaven to help you manifest. It will cut cords attached to you that no longer serve you or are toxic in their effect on you. It is a thing of action. Use it now, use it with best intention and not as a weapon Use it to heal those old relationships or places by letting them go.

The blade is sent to help you with your dreams which are grounded and stagnant. Together with the Tree of Life in reverse, the Blade can help you move forward. Do not use it in anger or bad intention else the outcome will be worse than you had imagined. Always use the blade positively to help you move forward.