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Shaman Energy Card Reading for the week of 2020/08/10

The Journey

From birth until our passing, we are on a journey to learn and experience the world around us and how we relate to it. If you believe in reincarnation then you are experiencing the karma accumulated in previous lives. For some the journey in this life will not be a holiday. For others it may, and yet others, it may be a time when you can relax with not very many worries.

Whatever your karma has brought you, now is the time to set outside any boundaries that no longer serve you, they stop you from experimenting and doing new and different things.

There is no map for your journey, nothing tells you when you have arrived. This is a journey of exploration are learning and that is what your soul is here to do. Only you can judge when you have arrived. But, if you feel you have arrived, know that things will change again shortly after.

On the card, an owl, wings outstretched flies over head and behind the owl is the sun disk. Owls are intensely aware of their surroundings. Night vision is powerful, allowing it to see its prey when light is like a candle 2,500 feet away. Soft, thick wings let them fly silently to swoop down on their target. We must do the same on our journey.

The Sorcerer 

The Sorcerer symbolizes beliefs and ideas of division, struggle and being without. We feel the sorcerer casts a shadow over our lives, but in reality, the shadows are own. 

Our shadows may be narrow, broad, or generous in their focus. Either way, our busy mind loves to feed off the shadow energy from negative feelings. The sorcerer, is asking you to look at these energies, examine how destructive they are. What are you feeling resentment, vengeance, lust, greed, bigotry, or hatred about or to?

The Sorcerer is here to challenge you your thinking and beliefs. Now is a second chance! Start over. Others are not blame for what is inside of you, what you allow to be there. Take a moment to create a sense of peace and move in another direction and do not allow those negative thoughts and feelings to grow again. You are done with them and that way of living.

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