Shaman Energy Card reading for this week of 2020/08/24 – YouTube

2020/08/24. Each week, I draw two cards from the Mystical Shaman Oracle Deck and provide my interpretation of the energy for the week.

The Spiral

Spiral is all around us in the coffee my barista gives me, the spiral a dropped coin makes on the floor, and the beautiful nautilus shell. In Norse mythology, Nidhogg, a cosmic snake is at the base of the tree of life. The Spiral also represents the coiled snake when it is at rest, as well as natural energy moving in ceaseless spirals.

The spiral enters the spirit and give it energy to travel on a new journey, take that new journey. Eventually the spiral dissipates and you are in a new reality. 

To live in the new reality, you must let go of the past. The snake sheds its skin to become new again, so must you. The snake does not rush shedding its skin, it lets nature take its course. You must trust and have the intent shed your skin. The snake is never scared of its new skin, it is strong, confident, and it trusts nature.

You must start your journey and must trust. When you have shed your skin and lay in your new one, feel warmed by the sun that your journey has brought you to a new reality.

Taming the Wind

A feather is one of hundreds on the wings and body of a bird, together they allow it to fly. Air, is the fourth Spiritual Element in Tibetan shamanism. It is the element in which birds exist. To hold a feather is to hold a small part of how a bird experiences the element Air, and in turn worships Spirit.

The Shaman uses a feather when clearing a space, or person of dark and lower energies. Spirit gifts the Shaman with the feather so he/she may use it to waft smudging smoke to all corners of a room, or a person’s spirit. While your physical container exists, you have a commitment to use it well and honor Spirit for your gift.

Now, clear your spirit and your energies and communicate clearly. Start a journal, record your thoughts. Affirm your dreams and desires with clarity and give them intention, and power. When this card appears, it is time to clear up misunderstandings with others, listen to the other persons side of the story. 

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