Shaman Energy Card reading for this week of 2020/08/17 – YouTube

Each week, I draw two cards from the Mystical Shaman Oracle Deck and provide my interpretation of the energy for the week. This week is 2020/08/17.

The Medicine Wheel

The shaman recognizes the four cardinal signs of the compass. The wheel represents the circular pattern of life and it will help you understand your inner self. 

Sit quietly, to the South. You are clinging to, old desires, relationships, friendships, or a job. Release them and make space for the new that is coming.

West and consider toxic relationships. Maybe at work, friends, a lover, look at the negative feelings they create in you, and how they drain your energy, they must go. 

North. Pride, not in an arrogant way. Your passions, do you show them? Are you an artist who never paints, a musician that never records? A writer who never writes? Why? Change this. When asked, be proud to say what you are. 

East. Anger. Think of how you want to live life, write it down. Visualize it in your mind with clarity. This is your future that you want to manifest. Anger is fire, use it to add energy, boldness, and drive to your future.

The Hummingbird

Tiny and beautiful, hummingbirds fly enormous distances relative to their size. They migrate between North and Central or South America to feed on the nectar available in the summer flowers. They are fiercely territorial and protect their home vigorously. As the hummingbird drinks its high-octane nectar to fuel itself it shows us how important what we eat is. Only eat what beneficial and nutritious.

The hummingbird bypasses flowers which may be attractive but do not have enough nectar, so must you bypass opportunities that are less than what they seem. Pay attention to the details of offers that come your way.

The buzzing of hummingbird wings is the sound of a hummingbird with a new adventure. Trust that your spiritual guides have brought you to the right place, the right moment, now it is up to you to take bold action and like the hummingbird drink the nectar. Trust that success is assured, even if there are still tests and challenges. Know that all will be well. All is in the small.

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