Shaman Energy Card Reading for the week of 2020/07/ 27

Each week, I draw two cards from the Mystical Shaman Oracle Deck and provide my interpretation of the energy for that week.


Pachamama is also Mother Earth, Gaia. She loves everything on earth, all that is growing, plants, flowers, trees, grasses as well as stones, ricks and the water that flows over the earth. A shaman connects with the spirits of the trees, flowers, stones, water and air as they seek information to heal someone, a tribe, or a community.

This week, eat carefully and balance your meals and what goes into them. As they say, a little of everything is good, too much of one thing is not. Be nourished by what you eat is the message. Take some time to be happy and light hearted, take pleasure in art or movies or music as this is an expression of your appreciation for the life you have. Be nourished by what you experience. 

Show how much you enjoy the earth, and all living things by letting Pachamama witness you do something such as planting something, caring for plants and animals that might not otherwise have been cared for.

The Seer. 

The Seer is a shaman. The shaman journeys to Hidden Realms to discover information that is available only to those who have the attunement to do so. For the rest of us, this information comes through our intuition. Intuitively we make a decision that one thing is wrong and another is good. Trust your intuition. Watch for the truth, seek the truth and respect the truth. To see the truth, use your intuition to read between the lines of what you are told, what you see or what you read.

As you follow your intuition, it maybe that everything does not progress in a straight line to the goa you intrusively feel is ahead for you. Intuition does not follow a straight line, be patient and allow things to work out as they are intended to. Let your intuition tell you things behind what you see at face value.

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