Shaman Energy Card Reading for the week of 2020/07/ 20

Each week, I draw two cards from the Mystical Shaman Oracle Deck and provide my interpretation of the energy for that week.

The Wind. 

Air. Air is one of the five sacred elements in Tibetan Shamanism. It is flow, movement strength and force. Think of anger, discomfort, fear, unhappiness, even minor illness such as a headache. Negative thoughts and fears. Those thoughts and fears will make you unhappy, feel down or depressed. Let the wind blow those away and leave your psyche clean and clear, and refreshed.

Air drives sailboats and planes fly on it, and in it. So, do birds and the scent of flowers and seeds seeking a new home in the earth in which to grow. 

Air is freedom, flexibility, ease. Let it lift your spirits with the energy and freedom it offers. Think of air and its ease and internalise it, when you are in a situation that is constricting, limiting, think of air and let it blow those things away and lift your mood and your intention.

The Witness. 

The Witness is someone who watches and observes without taking action or becoming enveloped in what they see. 

The witness cultivates an inner stillness that allows them to see everything from a higher perspective with objectivity.

The inner stillness of the witness allows them to become a mirror to whoever is seeking advice of them. The mirror, objectivity, and stillness help the witness to provide who is asking for advice to receive their answers.

Mark is a Usuit Tibetan Reiki Practitioner, author, teacher and trainer. He writes and posts regularly on Reiki and Shamanism.

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