Shamanism and Reiki

Shamanism and Reiki are powerful healing forces available to the Shaman/Reiki practitioner. When combined, their power multiplies, and healing methods become available that aren’t accessible when used separately.

Cave paintings in Europe dating from the Palaeolithic era[1] show Shamans along with the natural world in which they practised as healers, and protectors of the tribes they belonged to. In 2006, in Northern Israel, the grave of a Shaman was discovered. She lived in the late Natufian era (10,800-9,500 BCE).[2]

Shamans are practiced in and have extensive connection with the natural world for the shaman, man, animals, plants, rocks, wind, rain, sun, stars, and moon are alive with Spirits.

Shamans were traditional tribal healers, Anthropologists coined the term and use it to refer to the spiritual and ceremonial leaders among indigenous cultures worldwide. Shamanism[3][4] is used to describe ancient spiritual practices in indigenous cultures, it is a spiritual and psycho-therapeutic healing technique. It is a world-wide religious phenomenon, considered by many anthropologists to be the most ancient and fundamental form of spiritual practice in human life. Although Shamanism is not present today in all societies, it can be found in many at all levels of complexity and sophistication across the world. [5]

The definition of Shaman in the Urban Dictionary[6] is:

… One who can interact and mediate with the spirit world on behalf of their community, usually by ecstatic trance techniques (That is their spirit/soul leaves their physical body in order to travel to a world of pure spirit rather than physical matter) for the purposes of divination, foretelling the future, information gathering, healing and to receive wisdom.

The Shamans World view is of realms or domains That correspond with:

The Lower Realm:

The Lower realm is creation, traditionally called, the Underworld. It plays a big role in the ancient Egyptian and Greek mythologies. Later, with the development centralised religions such as Christianity, it was transformed into Hell and a place of punishment, pain and burning. Shaman s visiting the lower Realm may experience variations of level of depth according to their helping spirits and guides. 

The Middle or Physical Realm

The Middle World is the world in which we live. It is what we sense with our senses. The Middle Realm is the realm of the physical and a realm in which each night we go to sleep and dream so it is sometimes referred to the dream world. It is a world of emotions and desires, like water which represents the middle realm, there is a continuous flow of energy from birth to death. Because the realm is represented by water, which is formless without a container, the Middle Realm is also a container.

The Middle Realm container, also holds subtle unseen earthly powers and magical forces. All growing things, rivers, trees, insects, animals, and solid things such as mountains and rocks all have spirits. Gravity and electrical energy are spirits, as is the air we breathe which like water is formless also.

In the Upper Realm 

This is the real of the dead or ancestors. It is also the realm of angels, gods and spiritual teachers. As with the Lower Realm, Shaman may experience many subtle levels in this realm.

Many cultures count more than one level at this world, as many as ninety-nine.

The Upper World is symbolized by the Air element. This realm represents thoughts, ideas, light and inspiration. In the Greek Mythology the Upper World is ruled by Zeus, the king of the Gods. Shamans journey to this world to obtain knowledge from ancestors’ spirits and the dead.

The Buddhist texts Dr. Mikao Usui studied in Tibet were based on recording Shamanic and Bon religious knowledge and practices. The Reiki symbols do not exist in Shamanism or Bon. They are primarily Buddhist in nature.

To add Shamanic energy to your Reiki sessions you first need some practice. Practice in experiencing the ecstatic trance states and states of altered consciousness, Shamans journey across the three realms connecting with the spirit of living and inanimate things to bring knowledge and healing energy to benefit the sick or protect and clear darker energies from a place or person.

Draw the curtains of your bedroom and ay down on the bed. Place your hands over your heart and concentrate on your beating heart. It has a rhythm and will slow down and become less active as your become at peace with your world, this world, the middle realm.

Be clear in your mind about the goals and intentions of your practice. Be clear in your mind as to what your intention is, say it in your mind or even out loud. Say it to your helping spirits. Helping spirts may take many forms, do not judge them, not criticize them. Most of all do not judge the power they have.

Allow the time to benefit you so that when you journey for a person who needs healing, you will be able to help them more effectively. This is a time of growing and progress for yourself. Allow yourself to grow, grow in all directions. When you converse with your helping spirits and any ancestor spirits you encounter, ask how you can develop your relationship with them and the use the information to do so. 

Later, the answer to your question will be directed and used in healing. As you become at peace, clear your energetic mind of the ego wishes and busy frantic mind. What do you experience when your mind is clear of all these distractions?

If you meet spirits and souls, animals, trees and rocks ask if they have a message or information for you. Whether they do or not be thankful for them and of them.

As you become more experienced, you will be able to direct your shamanic journeying and you will interact with your helping spirits who are there to work you and for you. Journeying part of meditation and can be incorporated in to meditation sessions.

A shaman incorporates, drumming, rattles, and an elaborate costume into their practice and ceremonies. Costumes are not essential for adding Shamanic Energy to a Reiki session.

Journeying to the Upper and Lower Realms and connecting with teachers, helping spirits and our guides helps us understand ourselves, our past lives and the events in them. We have had mistaken, injuries, injustices some of which have created blockages to our current physical existence. Use the information you gather on your journey to release them. Write them down and formally release them.

Soul Retrieval is important to a Shaman. Trauma or pain, an accident, or loss of a loved one, or something that it is beneficial to us, such as surgery, can cause a part of our soul to become detached out of fright and fear. The Shaman must journey, find and retrieve and reintegrate what has been found with the persons soul.

If the person is aware something will happen in the future, such as surgery, the shaman may help the soul adjust to what will happen before it takes place. In this way the soul is not shocked and split as a result. 

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How a Shaman can help you

Speaker –        Mark A. Ashford

                        Usui Tibetan Reiki Master and Teacher and

                        White Shaman

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Today, we are talking about Shamans and how they can help you.

Shamanism, as we have learned before, has existed for many millennia before the current organized religions were formed. A shaman may be male or female, young or old and is part of the community. Being part of their community, they blend in. In dress and behaviour, they are indistinguishable from ordinary people.

In the Shaman’s world view, spirits and demons inhabit everything around us. Every part of the natural environment is alive with sentient forces, in the mountains, trees, rivers, lakes, rocks, fields, the sky and the earth, there exists spiritual energy.

Healing is the principal role of a Shaman. They may also be counsellors, confidents, tribal leaders, diviners of future events and spiritual protectors. Shaman have access to, and influence in the world of benevolent and malevolent spirits.

So how do Shamans journey to meet these spirits and energies?

Using rhythmic drumming, dance, meditation, and experience and familiarity with their Helping Spirits the Shaman triggers a self-induced ecstatic state or Altered State of Consciousness [ASC] where they visit the spirits and souls beneficial to the outcome they seek.

Shaman do not use chemical or psychedelic drugs, or plant-based hallucinogens, or alcohol when initiating and entering an Altered State of Consciousness. To use drugs and stimulants would mean loss of control of the Journey. The Shaman is always free to start and stop the Altered State of Consciousness at their will. Shamans are not possessed.

Illness, pain and suffering frequently have a spiritual component. The Shaman seeks the spiritual connection to these afflictions in order to help bring the person they are working for, back into connection with the wholeness of the universe.

This may involve returning a soul or soul fragment to the person which has become separated due to some malevolent energy or some trauma the person has encountered or endured. They may also extract energies that do not belong. The Shaman is concerned with alleviating pain and suffering as well as reconnecting the person to their sources of spiritual power, the sun and moon, stones and streams, stars and trees.

The Shaman can help in other ways. Work and work environments, relationships, and the outcomes of new ventures. Untangling problems from past lives, and helping to make decisions. Providing meditations for relaxation and personal clearing or clearing unwanted energies from your energy field or home. Shamans remove curses, create powerful ceremonies, and bless events, marriages, and births. They assist the dead in crossing over to their next life and much more.

If you ever thought of traditional healers as involved with darkness because they do not fit in easily with modern medicine, think again.

Shaman’s do not diagnose or treat something such as a broken arm or something that needs surgery, these are best treated by a doctor and a Shaman will tell you so.

When we fall asleep at night it is restful and beneficial to us but it is a state of darkness we enter in order to receive these benefits. 

When we plant a seed in the ground, we cover it up with darkness and wait for it to sprout into a new plant. A baby is conceived in darkness and develops in darkness.

Creativity comes out of nowhere which is darkness and yet the result is bright and colourful.

What are you afraid of, why are we afraid of the dark, and who taught you to fear what is amazing.

You know what, Shamans are amazing to!

Mark is Registered Reiki Teacher and Practitioner

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Canadian Reiki Association Logo

Mark is a Reiki Master Teacher

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Seal of The International Association of Reiki Practitioners