Shamanism is the oldest religion on the planet!

Shamanism is the oldest religion on the planet! It has existed for many millennia before current day organized religions formed by tens of thousands of years. A shaman can be male or female, young or old, this will be considered as well as the tools of the trade are all described along with the role of trance, possession and Altered States of Consciousness [ASC].

The shaman is a healer. Healer is their principal role in the tribe or the community. They may also be counsellors, confidents, tribal leaders, and spiritual protectors. They have access to, and influence in, the world of benevolent and malevolent spirits, who typically enters into a trance state during a ritual, and practices divination and healing.

In the Shaman’s world view, spirits and demons inhabit everything around us. Every part of the natural environment is alive with different types of sentient forces. Literally, the world is alive, in the mountains, trees, rivers and lakes, rocks, fields, the sky, and the earth. 

There are supernatural spirits and souls. Added to this, each region has its own native spiritual beings, and people living in those areas are powerfully aware of their presence. In order to stay in the spirits good graces, offerings are made, rituals performed and sometimes people will refrain from particular places to avoid the more dangerous forces.

The Shaman sees this world, the physical realm we inhabit, as well as an upper world of light, but which is not heaven, and a lower, darker world which is not hell.

Souls and spirits exist in all the realms. When it is necessary to soul journey any of these realms in an and Altered States of Consciousness [ASC] they do so to learn what is required to heal a recipient [person or tribe].

Let’s not think of the shaman or these realms as dark or evil. Darkness itself is not evil. Each night we close our eyes and fall asleep into darkness. When we meditate, our eyes are closed to cut out distractions around us. 

If we go out at night, we look up into a dark, black night sky which is studded with planets and stars, signs of hope and wonderment. Without the blackness the stars would not shine, and they could not be seen.

When we plant a seed, we put it under the surface of the soil. If we have a plant with roots, we dig a hole and put the roots, which feed the plant and allow it to grow, deep into the darkness of the earth.

Conception of a baby, happens in the darkness of its mother’s body, and it grows there until it is ready to emerge.

Creativity, seems to appear out of nowhere, out of the darkness that is nothingness.

So, why are we taught to fear darkness, why do we hide form it and why is evil associated with it when so many good things happen in it?

Ying and Yang, Fire and Water
Ying and Yang, Fire and Water

The shaman approaches darkness not fearfully, but in the knowledge that it is good, and that good comes from it. The Shaman sees the ying and yang of life, brightness and darkness, fire and water, and embraces both and is fearful of neither.To help with our discovery of Shaman and Shamanism, we will be starting a regular featured “Shamanic Counsel.” We will offer advice guidance from a Shaman’s view point. Click on our contact form to connect with our Shaman community. Enjoy!

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