Remote Reiki and Shaman Value and Intention

Remote Reiki Value and Intention

The Remote Reiki and Shaman Value is direction of the healing energy of the universe. Reiki energy is a complete energy, there is nothing missing and nothing that must be owned or to achieve. It can be used anytime, anyplace for any condition. This vital flowing energy is the basis for the continuity of life, as we know it.

Tibetan Buddhism is also known as Vajrayana and tantra, these terms can be used interchangeably can be thought of as a mixture of Buddhism and shamanism, with the latter inherited partially from the shamanistic roots of Hinduism that were passed on into Buddhism, as explained above and merged with the native shamanism of Tibet, best represented by the Bon tradition. This rather remarkable combination created many of the unique features of Vajrayana and its dream yoga.[1]

Shamanism has a wholly different dynamic and one that is seen across the world. It has an extra-terrestrial origin. The principal purpose of the Shaman over the millennia was more than healing and guiding the soul of a dead person in their afterlife before they reincarnate, most important their purpose was to sustain communication between humanity on the earth and spirits, angels and guides in heaven above. 

In this way the Shaman helped bring humanity out of a crude animal like existence and made mankind aware of their consciousness. The fact that Shaman are depicted on cave paintings during the Palaeolithic period when humans were learning and making their first tools I don’t think is a coincidence. 

The Shaman was the first of all humans to bridge the gap between gods and ancestors on the heavenly plains or in the depths of darkness. The Shaman gained knowledge and provided tribes with someone they could turn to for healing and repair. But above all, the Shaman was someone they could turn to for answers when nothing else helped.

With Tibetan Buddhism being established in Tibet along with its monastic and written, Sanskrit, scripture-based practices, Shaman traditions were recorded and many centuries later became the “source code” Dr. Mikao Usui the founder of Reiki studied and learned from.

Like all Reiki practitioners and masters, I am a channel for the energy to flow into my clients. Since Reiki is working solely with energy, it is sometimes much easier to feel the energy flowing both for channeling Reiki energy and also for feeling blockages in chakras when hands are held a few inches away from the physical body as you are now working directly with the client’s energy.

If you have received Reiki energy before, you probably did so in a personal session with a Reiki practitioner. But this is the age of the Coronavirus, we are locked down, locked in, and practicing social distancing. And all of that without the need to be home to care and manage children and their home learning studies. Sickness does not recognise being in our homes for days at a time which may itself cause ailments related to being confined and having no social interactions to appear.

It might be possible to have an in-person Reiki session of the practitioner were six feet away, across the room rather than beside the treatment table. But we still have to deal with restrictions on travel, and other constraints to help stop the spread of Coronavirus. 

An easier way to receive a Reiki treatment would be to have a remote treatment where you do not have to leave your home.

As a Reiki practitioner, I invite the angels and guides of a client to join with mine to start the session which is protected by the Archangel Michael form influence and interference by other energies that might disrupt the session.

The focus of the remote session is on the client’s wellbeing and what I sense through the connection. In cases of injury or recovery from surgery, bringing Reiki energy to the client to speed up healing speeds up recovery and improves the overall feeling of wellness in the client. 

Most recently, after a replacement knee surgery, I saw the client report faster healing, flexibility and mobility. A client with cataract surgery, also recovering and being in much higher spirits as a result. Another client going through cancer treatments, reported a reduction in physical stress and feeling a reduction in stress and physical strain. 

In this era of the coronavirus and our seclusion, Reiki can help with maladies that appear when we are secluded beyond the time we would voluntarily do so ourselves; depression, headaches, loneliness, confusion, anger, frustration, worry. Some or all of these maladies can manifest physically creating high levels of tension and stress in the neck and shoulders going all the way down the back into the hips.

The Remote Reiki session includes helping and guiding the release of tensions and troubles as well as its physical conditions. To help with release of stress and emotional challenges caused by self-isolation, as well as other physical illnesses, book a remote Reiki session at

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Seal of The International Association of Reiki Practitioners

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